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Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell

REVIEW: Eleanor & Park



 This is my second Rainbow Rowell book, the first being Fangirl. I honestly loved them both, but in their own ways. They were both COMPLETELY different. I really liked that about these books. I was excepting them to be somewhat the same. I was only expecting that though, because I don’t read multiple books by the same authors unless they’re a series. Though John Green is that exception. Don’t get me wrong I love John Green books, but if you put Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns next to each other they are kind of the same. Boy in high school, chasing after a girl, does stupid dangerous things for said girl, doesn’t get the girl in the end. And so when I read this, I was expecting some similarities, but none were found.  I really enjoyed this book. One of my favorite things was the split narration. I thought that was so cool, different, and unique. There were only a few things I didn’t like. 1. I didn’t like that they fell in love so fast, maybe that’s just me but I feel like it was such a quick change from I hate this person to I love this person. 2. When they were driving to Minnesota they both decided this was going to be awful, and that they were going to miss each other immensely but still went through with it anyways. Knowing that they weren’t going to find someone they loved as much ever again. 3. She was such a jerk after she left, completely not talking to him, not opening his letters. She had the resources to call and write but didn’t. That irritated me so much. 4. Him. Park. God. He missed her, and said it so much in many different ways. He thought of her all the time. Didn’t do anything ever so he could be home in case she called, thought of her when he saw someone with red hair, went by her house almost daily. I get that he didn’t go to prom with her cause she wasn’t there, and no one wants to go to prom alone, but he said that it was a relief to kiss this girl. I didn’t get that. That made no sense to me, it kind of was an asshole thing to say. AND THEN TWO PARAGRAPHS LATER WHEN HE GOT THE POSTCARD HE WAS TOATLLY IN LOVE AGAIN. And to me that was a pain because he just finished saying it was a relief to kiss someone else. 4. What three long words?! CAUSE IF IT WAS ‘I LOVE YOU’ THAT ACTUALLY THREE PRETTY FREAKING SHORT WORDS. AND THHAT CAN’T BE HOW IT ENDS. NO. But it is. It is how it ends and it sucks. But overall it was a really cute book, and those are things that just bothered me. Others might not have minded those things. I recommend this book! Thanks for reading.