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Favorite short book. (Under 200 pages)

Okay, so this one would have to be The Giver by  Lois Lowry. I just now jumped on the bandwagon to read The Giver. It had taken me a while, I owned the book and was going to read it eventually but I hadn’t gotten to it. My little sister kind of pressured me to read it because she doesn’t read ever, but had to read it for school and absolutely loved it. She had legitimately gotten mad at me when I said I haven’t read it and she forced me to read it. Honestly, I loved it. I read it in a few days. It was just a really good, interesting concept. And I totally recommend it.



 A book that everyone pressured you into reading.

            This book for me would be Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia. I had everyone and their mother tell me to read this book.  Literally, the person I babysit for told me to read the book. I’m not going to lie, I watched the movie before I read the book. I hate myself for it, but everyone told me that the book was better and that the movie was a poor representation of the book. So, I completely forgot everything I knew about the movie except the basic characters, and picked up the book. I really enjoyed it. I went out and bought the rest of them, and now I’m hearing from all of BookTube that the second one sucked, and they stopped reading after that. So great. BUT, the first one at least was really good and worth the read.



A book you read before it was cool.

            WITHER. FEVER. SEVER. The Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano. I read this when they came out. Now everyone is reading them. I really loved this trilogy and thought it was a great concept, but a very good plot line. I wouldn’t shut up about these books. I made my cousin read them, my sister, tried to get my mom, talked like 5 people from school to read them, and had the person I babysat for read them. I read them and would talk to my boyfriend about them, and tell him everything about them. We’d sit on the phone with me explaining everything in great detail for hours. He never needs to read them because I told him literally everything about it (Not that he ever would read them). But honestly I loved them, I know some people didn’t, but they are some of my favorite books. Again worth the read.



A book you loved when you were younger but probably wouldn’t love now.

            Okay, this one was really hard actually, because I was looking through my Goodreads, and on my bookshelf and couldn’t find anything. But I’m going to go with The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I read this during my 8th grade year of school. And I seriously loved everything about it. I was so obsessed. We read the book, and took a test I made a 100 on it. Then we watched the movie and I fell even more in love with it, and I bought the movie. And it was fantastic. Now I know what you’re thinking, then why’d you choose this book? I choose this book because I feel like if I were to read this book again at this time of my live, I would still really enjoy it, but I wouldn’t love it like I had when I first read it. It would be a different kind of love, but it wouldn’t be the same. Though I do think that it’s a fantastic book, and I definitely recommend it.



A book with the most beautiful cover in existence.

          This one is really hard, because there are so many. But I’m going to have to go with It’s Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, because it’s sort of simple and different and you don’t really get it at all. Then when you read the book you totally get it and it makes sense. This book was also a really good book and I loved it, and if you haven’t read it. Do. It’s great.



A book you want to see turned into a movie.

            This one is a complicated decision because there are books that I really want to be turned into a movie, but I don’t really want to risk them screwing it up and such. So this one was really hard to pick, but I think I will have to go with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I picked this one because I don’t think they’d be able to mess it up because its all right there in the book. Everything they would need is in the book. Everything is described perfectly, and the characters are in so much detail it’d be easy. And Rainbow could be there, and I think it could turn out pretty good.



A book you recommend to everyone.

The book that I’m going to choose for this one is The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I choose this book because it is a good book that is an easy read and good for people who have been reading for a while, and people who want to get into it. It’s a fun book with lots of different things that happen to the characters. And I really enjoyed it, and I think lots of different people with different personalitlies would to.


Thank you guys for reading, I know it’s sort of long but I hope it was fun for you.