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Through The Eyes Of A Teenage Reader

Hi, I'm Carlie! Welcome to my blog! 



My name is Carlie and I'm 18. I live in Tennessee and am currently going to college. I used to love reading and then when my dad passed away I got really depressed and stopped doing anything. Including reading. I picked up a book about a year after him being gone for school, and I liked it so much that I just started reading again. Now I'm always reading. I love books. I'm always carrying around a book in my bag. For a look blogger don't have a very impressive book collection, but I'm working on that. I'm really excited for this blog. I had a blogger for about a month, and then I stumbled upon this website and I'm just really excited about this. I'm going to just be posting everything on my other blog onto this blog, so that's why I'll have a bunch of posts on here at once. Thank you so much for reading.