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REVIEW: Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Mally

Since my last post I have read two books, and the other review will be up as soon as I write it.


   This book is a graphic novel about a girl who started a restaurant and became head chef. Since then she bought a new place and is going to not be working in this old restaurant. Before she leaves her first restaurant she ends up making new a new friend, mending a relationship, and letting a relationship go. All because she found a girl with magic mushrooms in her room. That's all I'll say about the story because I don't want to give any crucial story points away.

   The story itself was a very well thought out and consistent story. I enjoyed it and the plot of it. I liked the things that remained constant throughout her use of the mushrooms, and that many things changed. I felt that her character was changed a lot through the story and that she was a very realistic character.

     The art in this graphic novel was also amazing. I loved the super cartoony aspect of it, and I also loved the colors chosen throughout the book as well. It was honestly a great story and I would recommend it to all of you. Even if you're not a huge graphic novel fan. Overall I gave it five out of five stars and thought it was great.