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Through The Eyes Of A Teenage Reader

Hi, I'm Carlie! Welcome to my blog! 

I'm back!

Hey guys,

    So as you can tell I stopped blogging about the books I've read. The reason that I had to stop is that I just became way too busy. I had school, family came into town leaving me without a bed so I've been all over the place finding more comfortable places to sleep than my couch, and we've been on Christmas vacations and get togethers. I just haven't had time to write or read really withing the last few months.

      I'm hoping that 2015 will be a better reading year for me. I plan on reading at least 50 books. In 2014 I only read 30, but I didn't take reading that seriously except for the last few months. I've also going to try to do a reading challenge to help me bring down my TBR pile. I don't want to drown in the books I need to get read so I will be working on that as well. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel this year also, this will help me stay motivated, and if not I don't have anything to loose by doing it.

      I have read my first book and it fulfilled a challenge as well, I will be putting up a review of that tomorrow, and by the end of the week the challenge that I'm doing for this year will also be up. I want to keep this blog up as well in hopes that it too will keep me motivated. I'm going to be doing a book unhaul next week, and rearranging my book shelves. Later this month I hope to have the number of TBR books up, along with the titles of the books in it.